CableWorld ASI to IP Converter CW-4441/4442/4443

Compact structured converter designed to translate ASI sreams to IP network. It is capable of receiving 12 ASI streams and forward them towards several destinations through IP network.

One of the main advantages of the IP network is that it enables the data transmission between remote endpoints on a simple and affordable way. Nowadays the prices of the fiber cables and SFP modules – connecting endpoints with 10-20 kilometers distance are lowering. This is why the IP infrastructure gives the most reasonable price for transmitting digital television systems’ ASI data streams with a speed up to 200 Mbit/s.

The ASI to IP converter is available with 4, 8 or 12 inputs which are grounded to the frame. The device is controlled through a separated management port that connects to a web based user interface. The transport stream output can be connected to the network with a copper or a fiber cable.

The device also has some extra features such as the built-in transport stream analyzer, filtering encrypted packets, removing null
packets, adding VLAN tag to the stream or forwarding the incoming ASI stream towards multiple IP addresses (up to 4 different destinations can be supplied with the same incoming stream).

– Web based user interface
– Separate management port
– 4, 8 or 12 ASI inputs
– Hi-Speed ASI
– Grounded inputs
– Receptacle for SFP (Mini GBIC) module
– VLAN tagging
– Software upgrade over web interface
– LED indicators of the active inputs
– Built-in TS analyzer
– FPGA circuitry
– Extremely low power consumption
– Long lifespan
– High reliability

Available different versions for the CableWorld ASI to IP Converter:

CW-4441   ASI to IP Converter     4 ASI inputs, IP outputs
CW-4442   ASI to IP Converter     8 ASI inputs, IP outputs
CW-4443   ASI to IP Converter     12 ASI inputs, IP outputs

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