CableWorld Professional Satellite Receiver DVB-S2/S2X

Professional DVB-S2 (DVB-S2X is optional) satellite receiver with or without Common Interface, ASI output and IP-SPTS and IP-MPTS outputs, maximum 6 tuners in one frame.

CableWorld’s latest receivers are available in several versions to satisfy user demand. The fully equipped unit contains six tuners which are for demodulating DVB-S/S2 and DVB-S2X signals, and four CI slots (Conditional Access Module sockets). The CI slots are assigned to the first four tuners, the fifth and the sixth tuners can be used for reception of free-to-air services. The device provides both ASI and IP (UDP/IP or RTP/IP, MPTS or SPTS) outputs.

Setting up the device is very simple: only the channel frequency has to be entered. The other reception parameters (DVB standard, symbol and FEC rate etc.) are recognised automatically. However, they can be set manually, too.

After a successful tuning, the WebGUI lists the available services which can be chosen to be decrypted even by elementary streams. The number of the services, which can be decrypted simultaneously, depends on the CA modules only.

The multi-program transport streams coming from the satellite transponders are passed through the ASI outputs but they can also be divided into single-program transport streams at the IP output. Additionally, the unwanted elementary streams can be filtered.

– One ASI output for each tuner
– Common Interface
– HTML5 based web interface via separated management port
– IP (MPTS/SPTS) Output
– Extremely low power consumption
– High reliability
– Long lifespan
– Available also for 24 V, 48 V or 240 VAC Supply

Available different versions for the Cableworld Professional Satellite Receiver DVB-S2/S2X:

– CW-4611.2 1xDVB-S2 tuner, FTA, ASI and IP output (MPTS-SPTS)
– CW-4612.2 2xDVB-S2 tuner, FTA, ASI and IP output (MPTS-SPTS)
– CW-4614.2 4xDVB-S2 tuner, FTA, ASI and IP output (MPTS-SPTS)
– CW-4616.2 6xDVB-S2 tuner, FTA, ASI and IP output (MPTS-SPTS)
– CW-4621.2 DVB-S2 tuner, CI, ASI and IP output (MPTS-SPTS)
– CW-4622.2 2xDVB-S2 tuner, 2xCI, ASI and IP output (MPTS-SPTS)
– CW-4624.2 4xDVB-S2 tuner, 4xCI, ASI and IP output (MPTS-SPTS)
– CW-4626.2 6xDVB-S2 tuner, 4xCI, ASI and IP output (MPTS-SPTS)

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