Elettronika DAB / T-DMB Transmitter

The DAB / T-DMB transmitter is the newest and best solution for Digital Audio Broadcasting available today. Providing the baseline broadcasting platform, the transmitter can be run standalone for gapfiller translators or chained into a medium or high power system for primary site operation. Models from 5 Watts.

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The DAB / T-DMB transmitter is the newest and best solution for low, medium and high power DAB and T-DMB broadcasting in terms performances and price.

Available for VHF or L-band DAB or T-DMB Terrestrial networks, the transmitter supports essential Single Frequency Network (SFN) operation allowing the network operator to expand coverage without impact to the end listener.  With two ETI inputs, automatic redundant switching is seamless in the cause of a main stream failure further enhancing end to end network availability.

Available in VHF output 174-240MHz and L-band output 1452·1492MHz, with a output power of 5 Watts, the Elettronika DAB/T-DMB transmitter is ready for your Digital Audio Broadcasting network.


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