Elettronika Telemetry RCU

Manage your transmitter operations from afar, via the remote control unit. Up to 8 transmitters per unit can be managed and the GPIO allows for control of other devices in the transmitter room such as doors and air-conditioning. A must have piece of equipment for site and broadcast equipment owners.


The RCU (Remote Control Unit) manufactured by Elettronika allows comprehensive monitoring of a remote broadcasting site. Available with four connection paths to notify or communicate with a external system or person, direction connection (RS232 or USB), Telephone Line (POTS), Ethernet (LAN/WAN), Mobile Network SMS and Data Connection (GSM/3G) are all available.

When monitoring Elettronika transmitter models, it is possible to check, modify, change-over or turn off or on, any parameter of the TV and FM amplifiers, exciters.  With the GPIO interface, other equipment such as door entry alarm, mains failure alarm, generator alarms, over temperature, all can be easily sent from the site.

Alert notification can be a combination of SMS for up to 6 mobile phones and/or call back via POTS, LAN/WAN or GSM/3G data call, back to the central monitoring centre running the  Elettronika Remote Control Software (ERCoS).

No more ‘whats happening on the mountain’, the RCU is your first line of operations, maintenance and defence of your remote transmission site.  A must have piece of equipment for site and broadcast equipment owners.


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