CableWorld ASI to IP Converter CW-4441/4442/4443

Compact structured converter designed to translate ASI sreams to IP network. It is capable of receiving 12 ASI streams and forward them towards several destinations through IP network.

CableWorld ASI to IP Converter CW-4841

The CW-4841 ASI to IP Converter receives the transport stream at its ASI input, implants it in UDP/IP packets to send them through 100 MBit/s Ethernet network with internet protocol (IP) to the desired destination.

CableWorld Duo/Quad ASI Changeover & Timer CW-4836/4837/4838/4839

CableWorld ASI Changeover & Timer are equipped with a timed switch and monitors the quality of the transport stream at its main input, and on sensing error it automatically switches the signal of the reserve input to the output.

CableWorld Duo/Quad MPEG-2 Decoder CW-4882/4884/4982/4984

CableWorld's Duo/Quad MPEG-2 Decoder provides 2/4 independent MPEG-2 decoders with Gigabit Ethernet, loop-through ASI Input and PAL, and others video signals, suitable for working together with all devices and software on your systems.

CableWorld IP to ASI Converter CW-4541/4542/4543

CableWorld IP to ASI Converter is perfectly capable of receiving hi-speed IP streams comes from head-ends or IP streams comes from TV studios and transform these streams to ASI.

CableWorld MPEG-2 Encoder CW-4887/4888/4987/4988

CableWorld MPEG-2 Encoder is able to digitizing and converting A/V signals to MPEG-2 compressed IP or ASI streams which can be simply added to the program selection of digital broadcast networks.

CableWorld MPEG-4 Encoder CW-4411/4412

The MPEG-4 Encoder receives at its input the video signal and the accompanying audio signal, performs their compression according to the H.264 standard and outputs them in SPTS (Single Program Transport Stream) form over both ASI and IP output. The output transport stream includes the most important PSI/SI tables (PAT, PMT, SDT, NIT), thus in simpler systems the encoder can be applied even without using a remultiplexer. The device can receive multiple analogue and digital signal formats: CVBS or S-Video, YPrPb as well as HDMI and SDI.

CableWorld Personal Stream Tool [DVB-T/T2/C, ASI, IP] CW-6101

CableWorld Personal Stream Tool is the essential gadget of specialists who have been working in the field of digital television broadcasting which provides useful during troubleshooting and everyday work.

CableWorld Professional Receiver DVB-T/T2/C

Professional DVB-T-T2-C receiver with or without Common Interface, ASI and IP output, available in one, two, four and six inputs version.