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  • MAIA is the outstanding, latest-generation, multi-standard platform for the transmission of Digital TV or Digital Radio signal up to a power of 100W RMS in a compact unit.
  • With its 5 star rating the Elettronika MIZAR FM transmitter range is widely used across the globe and known as the Best Value transmitter available today.
  • With remote energy system experience, N-Com expands with our new Green Energy Lighting Systems. Ideal for Councils, the N-Com Green Energy Lighting Systems brighten up those dark areas, grid free and without ongoing costs.
  • From equipment to site installation, N-Com will provide you that missing link.
  • N-Com prides itself in being able to build Broadcast Site facilities anywhere, like Outback Queensland, Australia.
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Tried and proven in some of the harshest environments on Earth, Elettronika Transmitters provided by N-Com perform year in and year out at the highest standards achievable, demonstrating real return on investment for broadcasters through time proven reliability. 

  1. Over 50 Years Experience

    The Elettronika factory based in Italy, Europe has been building transmitters for over 50 years. With pride of engineering, workmanship and attention to detail on the build quality, the equipment is superb, delivering a product with true broadcast pedigree.

  2. Robustness

    Fully engineered and manufactured in Europe, Elettronika transmitters are ingrained with a proud engineering heritage, used globally with tried and proven robustness, year in and year out.

  3. Capability

    From 30 to 20,000 Watts, N-Com has the Elettronika Transmitter with the capability to function as per design requirements, year in and year out. 

  4. Performance

    Performance, performance, performance! From highly efficient power supplies, super clean modulator and exciter stages, through to linear, efficient and ultimately productive power amplifier stages, Elettronika Transmitters are, as we say at N-Com simply perform, year in and year out.

  5. Incredible Return on Investment

    Broadcasters demand performance year in and out, and so does the accountant!  Elettronika Transmitters represent a long term reliable investment and are proven to be one of the best return on investment products available in the market today.