Cableworld Professional Satellite Receiver DVB-S2X

Cableworld Professional Satellite Receiver DVB-S2X

DEVA Broadcast Band Scanner with GPS

The Broadcast Band Scanner GPS is a pocket– size tool to evaluate FM broadcast band congestion and to log station identification parameters. The output can be imported into Google Maps allowing you to easily determine problem area in your coverage.

DEVA Broadcast FM Radio Monitoring Receiver

DB4000 is the most cost eff ective unit for permanent monitoring of the quality and continuity of up to 50 FM Radio Stations with innovative features such as TCP/IP connectivity, audio streaming and automatic alerts on out of predefined ranges in regards with the ITU-R.

DEVA Broadcast Professional IP Audio Encoder/Decoder

The DEVA Broadcast DB9000 is a reliable system for IP transmitted audio. Capable of multiple audio transmission methods and multiple streams with the ability to play out from the built-in MP3/AAC audio player should the connection be lost to the IP source. The built in stereo encoder processor enables a fully digital MPX signal to be generated complete with RDS encoding.