N-Com Green Energy Road Speed Display Signs

Minimise motor vehicle incidents with the N-Com Road Speed Display Signs, powered by Green Energy.

The N-Com Green Energy powered Road Speed Display Signs allow the operators of road infrastructure to display real time speed of approaching vehicles.

Local Government

Ideal for both Local Government to assist in the natural regulation of road users, enabling protection through feedback to the driver with subtle and gentle visual display of the approaching vehicle.

Private Business

Also ideal for Business users with private road entries, such as shopping centres to assist in the protection pedestrians.  Other users include commercial large industry environments, such as heavy vehicle (Trucks) driveways.

Low establishment cost

The off-grid design of the system allows the signage to be installed anywhere – no more construction costs to get the power line along the streets or within compounds.

No more electricity bills

The self-contained solar powered system provides 24 hour display operation, day in and day out.

See the Datasheet for more.

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