Consultancy & Planning

N-Com employs a team of engineers, technicians and professional consultants who can assess your regions current service or lack thereof and plan a system that will deliver the required broadcast footprint within budget.

N-Com offer consultancy services, project management services or full design, supply and installation services. We plan and install two-way radio networks, FM radio services through to complete broadcast site rebuilds and analogue to digital television conversions.

Our team are aware of the analogue television switch off deadlines across the region and can advise you of your options regarding digital television switch-over. We can take the frustration out of applying for new broadcast licences by researching licence area plans and submitting licence applications and managing the process on your behalf.

N-Com can design, supply and install ‘short hop’ STL links from studios to broadcast sites or handle complete broadcast network design, equipment acquisition and project management and installation.

Reach out to us on our Contact Us page and lets begin the journey together.