Elettronika MIRA FM Transmitter

The MIRA FM Transmitter is the flagship series from Elettronika for FM Broadcasters. With the highest design specifications and build quality available today using the latest modern electronic manufacturing capabilities, the series is designed for the Digital age, with the latest digital audio inputs and networking capabilities, with SNR greater than 90dB. Models from 30 to 250 Watts.

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The MIRA is the flag ship of the Elettronika FM Transmitters available in today’s market.

The series was the first to have an extremely clear and simple built-in user interface, allowing to completely control the MIRA without any electro-mechanical device, with programming input by simply touching the screen with a finger. For example, the MIRA was the first to include powerful management functions, such as the time scheduling of the output power to decrease consumption at night.

With a digital MPX composite input with a Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 90dB, the ability for pure clarity and dynamic range when integrated into a PCM based studio to transmitter system, allows for no Quantization distortion, which in turn ultimately allowing music to reproduced with the utmost clearness, the listener is as good as there at the original performance.  Analogue input is still available for L+R and Analogue MPX composite input.

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