Elettronika MPX STL FM Link

The STL FM Link is perfect for short-hop paths for MPX transport from the studio to transmitter site. Send the MPX output from your Broadcast Audio Processor via the STL Link to the FM Transmitter, simply & easily. Fully programmable with monitoring and alarming capabilities. Models operate from 200 to 900MHz, power to 20 Watts.

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The new series of FM links achieves the goal of high quality technical specifications at minimal cost, due to the modern design and techniques used in manufacturing.

With high selectivity and immunity to adjacent channel interference, this produces a much higher audio quality through the transmission chain.

Coupling to the transmitter is simple, with the MPX output from your Broadcast Audio Processor patched into the MPX input at the STL transmitter at the studio, then MPX output on the STL receiver is patched directly in the transmitter MPX input.  N-Com is more than happy to discuss any design, planning and commissioning requirements for such links.


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